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Rust Serverless Platform

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I’m making SciencePresence as a way to easily note down papers you’re interested in, organise, and share them.



I also learnt to make a video for it if that’s more your speed, complete with youtuber thumbnail. Edited with https://www.descript.com/.


Save disk space by cleaning non-essential files from software projects. I started Kondo to make coding on my 2013 macbook air bearable, and to learn rust.


gui screenshot

command line screenshot

Rust Serverless Platform

A demonstration of how you could build your own “serverless” platform with data persistence in only 200~ lines of simple, safe code.

It combines deno (rust v8 runtime), axum (http library), and rusqlite (sqlite) to build a Function as a Service (FaaS)-like application with file-system backed storage.

I demoed this first as a live coding talk at Rust Sydney, the repo is the cleaned up version.



Often I find myself jumping around node projects frequently, and it’s annoying to open the package.json to discover how to run/build them because of course everyone uses a different verb. pj is cat + json parse + colour.


Displaying scripts

screen shot 2019-02-18 at 5 41 33 pm

Display dependencies

screen shot 2019-02-18 at 5 42 13 pm

Global Game Jam 2017 - Waveball

My teams entry for global game jam, theme was “waves”. We created a 2 player side on basketball/netball style game where you play as a wave trying to scope by shooting the ball into the opponents side. I drank a lot of coffee.

https://globalgamejam.org/2017/games/wave-ball https://github.com/tbillington/WaveBall

waveball screenshot

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